GolfProfi Annual Turnamet Reviews

Here you get information about topical tournament events or you can just read about ’historical’ championships. Just click the required review below.

GolfProfi 2015

"GolfProfi Masters 2015" – Olaf Leichssenring

"GolfProfi Masters 2014" – Klaus Vohwinkel

"GolfProfi Masters 2013" – Benno Schotte

"GolfProfi Masters 2012" – Benno Schotte

"GolfProfi Masters 2011" – Günter Büsing

"GolfProfi Masters 2010" – Wolfgang Römer

"GolfProfi Masters 2009" – Georgia Sawenko with Constant Achievement!

"GolfProfi Masters 2008" – Günter Büsing Makes the Double!

"GolfProfi Masters 2007" – The Winner Is ?! Manfred Römer!

"GolfProfi Masters 2006" - Leichssenring Emerging From No Man’s Land

"GolfProfi Masters 2005" - Schotte and Vohwinkel Confirm Again Their Extraordinary Top Form

"GolfProfi Masters 2004" - Klaus Vohwinkel keeps distance from his co-favourite

"GolfProfi Masters 2003" - Benno Schotte remained cool


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