1 Golf Club Set with 9 Chips

Birdie in your Living Room for 1-4 Persons

Age recommendation of us: from 10 years

GolfProfi (Basic game): € 46.00 (EU Countries incl. 19% VAT)
GolfProfi (Basic game): € 38.70 (non EU Countries excl. 19% VAT)
(including German and English rules)

Game Idea

A complete 18-hole golf course invites you for an exciting competition. Ideally, you will travel from the tee, across the fairway, and into the hole on the green. However, the ball is not always going to fly the right distance or the intended direction. Sometimes it loses its way in the challenges of the course. There are roughs (badly cut grass), bunkers (artificial hollows made of sand), weeds or water hazards, which present problems the Golfer has to avoid.

The Beginner (Rabbit) is allowed to use just 7 different clubs to get the ball into the hole. Game by game your handicap will be improved until you are using all 14 clubs. Also the stroke line will become more and safer on your way to Golf Professional. And on the way you will also learn the complete rules of Golf. This is a must for every golfer to avoid the passing of winter without playing a round of golf.


  1 Golf Course with 18 holes
     (Front and back side of the playing board)
  2 x 14 Golf club dice in different forms
            (4- to 20-seided) = 2 Sets golf clubs
  4 Direction dice
  4 Golf ball figures in 4 colours
    + 2 spare balls for each colour
  1 Marker to represent the golf hole of the green
    + 2 spare holes
  4 Tees in 4 different colours
36 Chips
  2 Plastic boxes for the parts
  1 Scorepad with 50 sheets DIN A5


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